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Celebrating Trinity Staff/Faculty

Trinity’s Wellness Team’s new social media series celebrates and highlights our incredible staff and faculty at the College. The Team hopes by highlighting and honouring the work of our staff and faculty members, our students and community can get to know each other better over the next few months! For February, the Team highlights some Black-identifying staff/faculty – meet Dadir Yusuf, Manager of Security Operations.

Thanks to the Wellness Team’s student-staff member Victoria McCutcheon for working with the team on this initiative.

Posted February 28, 2022

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Celebrating Trinity Staff/Faculty


(Image: Dadir Yusuf in his office)

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Wellness Team (WT): Why do you enjoy working at Trinity College?

Dadir Yusuf (DY): Trinity is an awesome place to work at! I really enjoy the inclusive atmosphere all the departments at the college implement (one big happy family!). Given my role, thankfully every day is different and exciting (learning something new every day!).  Seeing friendly faces all the time, and being able to call Trinity a home away from home.

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WT: What is your favourite location at Trinity or U of T?

DY: The Chapel would be my first favourite place, so beautiful! However, there are so many amazing locations on site, such as the Quad, Henderson Tower with the beehives for the bee club, roof gardens, Old Library, Archives and many more.

(Image of the Trinity College Chapel)

WT: What is a fun memory or experience you had at the college?

DY: That would definitely be when I was ring toss champion a few years back when the Dean’s Office had hosted a game day for the staff. Haven’t won since but I feel like I still hold the title in my heart – haha.

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WT: Why do you think it is important for us to celebrate and highlight the diversity of our College members?

DY: It’s important to respect, understand and be open to other cultures, and more importantly to celebrate everyone’s uniqueness to create an inviting atmosphere. Everyone is awesome!

WT: How can students contact you?

DY: Students are welcomed to contact me through email:

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Fun Facts about Dadir!

WT: Dream Vacay?

DY: My dream vacation would be to explore the Amazon. I love to travel and have been to many places in Europe, the Caribbean, Africa, and such – but just imagine exploring the depths of the Amazon and its unknown.

WT: Fav Snack/Food?

DY: Love everything candy as a snack, but my favourite food is most definitely lasagna. My mother and I would spend hours in the kitchen when I was little. I love to cook!

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Fun Facts about Dadir!

WT: Dogs or Cats?

DY: I’d have to say I don’t have a preference, I’ve had cats growing up and I currently have a little American Bulldog named Henny.

Fun fact: however, I did have a pet Monkey named Happy – my Uncle had given to me for my first birthday. Unfortunately, when we had left Somalia due to the civil war I had to leave him behind.

(Image: photo of Henny, Dadir’s American Bulldog)

Photos courtesy of Dadir Yusuf

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