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Each author entry includes biographical information, primary works, secondary works and bibliographical sources and related links. If no online biographical information is available, a brief summary of their life and work based on information from Geoffrey Rowell, Kenneth Stevenson, and Rowan Williams, Love’s Redeeming Work (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2001) and The Dictionary of National Biography has been included.

By Period

  • 1530-1650
  • 1651-1830
  • 1831-2001

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Research on Anglican Authors and Anglican Clergy

  • The Anglican Library publishes editions of works both from the Anglican tradition and of interest to Anglicans in the public domain
  • Christian Classics Ethereal Graham Library: An online library of Christian writings that includes Anglican authors; site has powerful searching features so that all documents by an author can be searched for key terms. Hosted at Calvin College.
  • Luminarium: A great starting point for information on medieval, renaissance, or seventeenth century literature. The Renaissance and seventeenth century sections are of special interest as English-speaking writers in those time periods were often Anglicans. Organized by time period and author. The works of many authors are available, as well as biographical material about the authors and secondary works on the author’s writings. This site has fine appropriate background music.
  • Project Canterbury: An extensive online library of resources in the Anglo-Catholic tradition, organized by author, country, topic, and time period
  • Project Wittenberg: Includes selections from the works of Martin Luther. Here you will find all manner of texts from short quotations to commentaries, hymns to statements of faith, theological treatises to biographies, and links to other places where words and images from the history of Lutheranism.
  • Lutheran Electronic Archive: Includes works by Luther’s contemporaries.
  • National Register of Archives: List of known archives with material related to that person and information on accessing each archive; includes North American Archives
  • University of Toronto English Library
  • Clergy of the Church of England Database: Provides information on the careers of clergy based on records in repositories in England and Wales for the period 1540-1835. The site is searchable and there are accompanying maps and a glossary of terms.
  • Anglican Clergy of Upper Canada Ordained before 1932: An 880-page document compiled by Richard Ruggle. Provides biographical information, details of ministry, and other pertinent information.