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Faith and Development

1. General

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2. Economics, Globalization, and Sustainable Development

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3. Social Justice

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4. Poverty

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5. Health and Nutrition

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6. Environment

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7. Land

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8. Subject Headings (Select)

The following subject headings may be explored for locating pertinent materials on faith and development.

Church and social problems Africa
Church and social problems Developing countries
Church work with the poor Developing countries

Church and social problems

Land tenure Religious aspects Christianity

Poverty Africa

Poverty Religious aspects Christianity

Distributive justice Religious aspects Christianity

Justice Religious aspects Christianity
Social justice Religious aspects Christianity
Humanitarianism religious aspects Christianity
AIDS (Disease) Religious aspects Christianity

International economic relations Moral and ethical aspects
International economic relations Religious aspects

International finance Religious aspects Christianity

Globalization Moral and ethical aspects
Globalization Religious aspects

Religion Economic aspects

Economic development Religious aspects Christianity
Economics Religious aspects Christianity
Economics Moral and ethical aspects

Debts, External Moral and ethical aspects Developing countries

Sustainable development Religious aspects Christianity

Human ecology Religious aspects Christianity

Environmental protection Religious aspects Christianity
Nature conservation Religious aspects Christianity

Land tenure Biblical teaching

Stewardship, Christian

Tom Power, Nov. 2012.