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Annotated Bibliography of Information Sources on Anglicanism in Toronto, ON

Annotated Bibliography of Information Sources on Anglicanism in Toronto, ON

The purpose of this bibliography is to highlight some of the significant information sources available on Anglicanism at the Graham Library, Trinity College, at the University of Toronto.

Anglicanism defined

Anglicanism: “This word properly applies to the system of doctrine and practice upheld by those Christians who are in religious communion with the see of Canterbury. But it is especially used, in a somewhat more restricted sense, of that system in so far as it emphasizes its claim to possess a religious outlook distinguishable from that of other Christian communions both Catholic and Protestant,” (The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church. 2nd. ed., New York: OUP, 1974, reprint ed., 1983, p. 57).


Cross, Frank Leslie, ed.. The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church. 2nd. ed. New York: OUP, 1974; reprint ed., 1983. (BX 5614 .B39 TRIF).

Provides broad coverage of the Christian Church, including historical and doctrinal development, biographies, definitions of ecclesiastical terms and customs. The entries are brief, yet informative with complete bibliographies. According to John L. Sayre and Roberta Hamburger, editors of Tools for Theological Research (p.9), The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church demonstrates “some preference toward the Anglican Church in the number of entries given to the subject,” hence, it is considered a particularly useful source for this bibliography. For an introductory search, look under the headings ‘Anglican Communion,’ ‘Anglicanism,’ and ‘Church of England.’

Introductory texts

Baycroft, John. The Anglican Way. Toronto: Anglican Book Centre, 1980. (BX 5614.B39 TRIN)

Serves as a “concise introduction to the Anglican Church for inquirers, new members, and candidates for confirmation,” (Introduction). It is a great primer for the student seeking to understand the basic doctrine and ecclesiology of the Anglican Church.

Booty, John and Sykes, Stephen, eds.The Study of Anglicanism. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 1988. (BX 5005 S96 1988 TRIN)

The Study of Anglicanism is a scholarly work providing insight into the history, theology, and liturgy of the Churches of the Anglican Communion. The following key areas are covered: The History of Anglicanism; The Gospel of Anglicanism; Authority and Method; Anglican Standards; The Church, Ministry and Sacraments; Anglicanism in Practice; and [Ecumenical] Prospects. Special features include: “bibliographies for each topic, cross-references, a glossary and a comprehensive index,” (Back cover).

Carrington, Philip.The Anglican Church in Canada. Toronto: Collins, 1963.(283.71 C318a TRIN).

Philip Carrington, a former Archbishop of Quebec, provides an historical overview of the Anglican Church in Canada. Carrington’s history begins with the discovery of Canada by English explorers in the 15th century and concludes with the Anglican World Congress held in Toronto in 1963. Special features include illustrations and maps. While somewhat outdated, this book serves as an excellent introduction to the principal events and personalities instrumental in the development of the Anglican Church in Canada as we know it today.

Evans, G. R. and Wright, J. Robert, eds.The Anglican Tradition. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 1991.(BX 5005 A54 1991 TRIN).

The Anglican Tradition is a unique collection of the fundamental documents and texts from almost every period of Anglican history and almost every Province of the worldwide Anglican communion – The result is as close as it is possible to achieve in one volume a record of the cumulative common mind of Anglicanism,” (Back cover).

Hayes, Alan. By Grace Co-Workers. Toronto: Anglican Book Centre, 1989.( BX 5612 T67B9 1989 TRIN).

By Grace Co-Workers is the history of the Anglican diocese of Toronto from 1780-1989. The book is edited and partially authored by Alan Hayes, Professor of Church History at Wycliffe College.

Hayes, Alan. Anglicans in Canada: controversies and identity in historical perspective. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2004. (BX5610 .H39 TRIN)

This book explores the emergence of Anglican identity in Canada and locates it “not in the relatively few agreements but within the disagreements themselves.” The book’s thematic focus is on mission, the social role of the church, governance, adaptation to modernity, and gender. A substantial section of primary documents serves to illustrate these varied themes, and is supplemented by the inclusion of a valuable bibliographic essay.

Holmes, Urban T. What is Anglicanism? Toronto: Anglican Book Centre, 1982.(BX 5231.2 .H64 TRIN).

Urban Holmes responds to the fundamental question, ‘What is Anglicanism?’ by providing the historical and theological context needed to understand what is sometimes referred to as the “Anglican way.” The author shares his knowledge in a personal manner and from an American perspective.

Moorman, J. R. H. A History of the Church in England. 3rd ed. London: Black, 1973. (BR 743.2 .M66 1973 TRIN).

A classic history of the Church of England.

Neill, Stephen. Anglicanism. London: Mowbray Press, 1978.(BX 5005 .N4 1977)

This book provides an excellent overview of the historical, theological, and organizational development of the Anglican Church from its inception to its establishment of a worldwide Communion. This is “must read” book.

Stuchbery, Ian. This is our Faith. Toronto: Anglican Book Centre, 1990. (BX 5614 S8 1990 TRIN).

Serves as an introduction to the “Christian faith and the Anglican Church,” (Preface). It is clearly written, includes helpful diagrams, and concludes with a bibliography organized by subject matter. For students particularly interested in the Anglican Church of Canada, the book concludes with a chapter entitled, “The Anglican Church of Canada: How it Works.”


The Story of Anglicanism. Westlake Village, CA; Cathedral Films & Video, 1989.VC 180 TRIN/WYC pts.1-3.


Pt. 1. Ancient & medieval foundations

Pt. 2. Reformation & its consequences

Pt. 3. Creating a global family

Thoughtful holiness: the place of honesty in religion. Robert A.K. Runcie. 1993. 3 videos. VC 108 TRIN [pt.1]-[pt.3].

Larkin-Stuart Recording of lectures given in the George Ignatieff Theatre, Trinity College, Oct. 5-7, 1993.

One generation from extinction? Conversations on congregational vitality with George Carey, Archbishop of Canterbury. (Toronto: Anglican Book Centre, 1994-1995). (60 min.), 5 study guides. KIT 9 TRIN.”

An Anglican resource developed by The Primate’s Commission on Evangelism, The Logos Institute, The Wycliffe College Institute of Evangelism, Anglican Video with support from Partners in Canadian Mission Unit.”

The seventh fire: First Peoples and the Anglican Church (Toronto: Anglican Book Centre, 1995). (27 min., 38 sec.) With study guide. VC 122 TRIN.

Looks at what lead a group of Aboriginal Anglican leaders to take the unprecedented step of covenanting together to build an autonomous Aboriginal church, in partnership with the rest of the Canadian Anglican Church and what this means for the Church.

The Healing Circle. (Toronto: Anglican Book Centre, 1995). (55 min.). VC 120 TRIN. With study guide.

Summary of the submission by the Anglican Church of Canada to the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, and message from the Primate to the National Native Convocation, Minaki, Ont.T

Tomorrow’s Anglicans: the past, present and future of the Anglican Church of Canada. (Toronto: Anglican Book Centre, [1994?]-1995). 2 videos (119 min.) + 2 discussion guides. VC 114 TRIN 1(pt.1-3)-2(pt.4).

A three-part series originally broadcast in 1994 on VISION-TV. Includes “There’s room for you, too”, Anglican video commercials, series 3, Sept. 1994. Pt. 4 produced in 1995 profiles three Anglican parishes: Gibson’s Landing on Vancouver Island, Simcoe, Ontario and Pasadena, Newfoundland.

Return to Hepu: Li Tim-Oi goes home. (Atlanta, Ga.: Episcopal Radio-TV Foundation, Inc. [198-?]). VC 116 TRIN.

Relates to the Church of England, Diocese of Hong Kong and Macao.

That they all may be one. (Atlanta, Ga.: Episcopal Radio-TV Foundation, 1987). VC 117 TRIN.

Relates to the Episcopal Church and Christian union.Prepare the way: highlights from the 34th General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada, June 1-9, 1995, Ottawa. (Toronto: Anglican Video, 1995). 2 videos (142 min., 30 sec.). VC 119 TRIN 1-2.

Bringing completeness: the ordination of Michael Bedford-Jones and Victoria Matthews, Bishops in the Church of God. (Toronto: Anglican Book Centre, 1994). (90 min.). VC 127 TRIN.

The consecration service at St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Toronto, on Feb. 12, 1994.

Essentials for the church in the 21st century. (Toronto: Anglican Book Centre, 1994). 2 videos (164 min.). VC 128 TRIN 1-2.

Four-part Lenten series held at St. Paul’s Church in Toronto. Speakers: Don Posterski, Loren Mead, Mary Jo Leddy, and Herbert O’Driscoll.

Views on sexual orientation: excerpts from the General Synod Forum, 1992. (Toronto: Anglican Church of Canada, 1993). (25 min., 19 sec.). VC 129 TRIN.

Leadership under pressure: stories from the 1998 Lambeth Conference. (New York, NY: Trinity Church, 1998). (66 min.) + 1 study guide (44 p.). VC 166 TRIN.

Produced for use by the Anglican Consultative Council at the 1998 Lambeth Conference. “Profiles prominent Anglican bishops throughout the globe, exploring the diverse ways in which they wrestle, both personally and as leaders of their churches, with the vital issues facing the Anglican Communion today”.

Great expectations? Video featuring Michael Marshall. (St. Louis, Mo.: Anglican Institute, [198-?]). (60 min.) VC 178 TRIN/WYC.

Series of six ten-minute segments, paralleling the chapters in Marshall’s book Great expectations?, on Bible training for evangelism in parishes.

Essentials 2001: Lift High the Cross. ([North Vancouver, B.C.]: Norlynn Audio Visual Services, [2001]) 9 videos (580 min.). VC 223 TRIN/WYC pt.1-9.

Speeches given at the Essentials 2001 Conference held at Trinity Western University, Langley, B.C., June 14-19, 2001. Contents of each tape:Faith, morals and missions / Maurice Sinclair. (61 min.).Our mission in a pluralistic world / Yong Ping Chung. (53 min.).The Trinity today / Edith Humphrey. (56 min.).Liturgy today / Robert Crouse. (53 min.).The uniqueness of Christ / Ronald Ferris. (41 min.).Lifting high the Cross in our lives / Peter Moore. (85 min.).Biblical mandate #1: Feed my sheep: parish ministry today / Jerry Smith. Thou shalt love the Lord thy God / Henry Scriven. (70 min.).Biblical mandate #2.:Set the captives free / Linda Tripp. Take up you[r] cross and follow me / Josiah Idowu-Fearon (80 min.) Greetings from Canterbury /George Carey. Welcome to Essentials 2001 / George Sinclair. Why Essentials? / Tom Robinson. A challenge to change / George Sinclair. (81 min.)

Baptism: A life-long celebration. (Toronto: Anglican Video/ABC Publishing,2005) 25 mins. 1 study guide ([8] p.) VC 240 TRIN/WYC.

A “comprehensive look at the spiritual journey called baptism with the context of Anglican tradition and practice.”

The Man from Aldersgate (Pasadena, CA: Friends of John Wesley,[1990]) 83 mins. VC 238 TRIN/WYC.

Dramatization of the life of John Wesley in front of a live church audience.

Desmond Tutu: Ministry in a multi-ethnic context (Trinity College, Toronto: The Romney Moseley Lectures, 2000). VC 229 TRIN/WYC.

A lecture delivered at the Convocation Hall, University of Toronto, Feb. 16, 2000.

Amazing Grace: The Story of the Hymn (Princeton, NJ: Films for the Humanities and Sciences,[1994]). 90 mins. VC 228 TRIN/WYC.

Documentary explores the history of the hymn “Amazing grace”, and traces the lyrics back to its author, John Newton, the English slave ship captain turned country preacher. Includes archival film footage, and variations sung by different performers.

Conversations with Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury. (Princeton, N.J.:Films for the Humanities & Sciences,[2004]) 26 mins. each. DVD 2 TRIN pts.1-4.

  • Playing With God: Deals with Anglican Church’s view of the claims of genetic science.
  • Rights and Responsibilities: Examines the conflicting ideals between group rights and the Anglican Church.
  • Bringing Up Children: Addresses the appropriate Anglican response to the troubled children and their experiences.
  • Faith, Politics, and Tradition: Seeks to answer the question whether if religious belief can be reconciled with the changing values of modern life.


Anglican and Episcopal History. 1932-.

Quarterly publication. Episcopal Church, Historical Society, Box 2247, Austin, TX 78768.Available at the Graham Library. Refer to the online catalogues for actual holdings at the Graham Library. Type under Periodical Title, ‘Anglican and Episcopal History’. Formerly the Historical Magazine of the Protestant Episcopal Church, Anglican and Episcopal History includes letters to the editor, scholarly articles, and book reviews.

Anglican Theological Review. 1919-. Quarterly publication. Anglican Theological Review, Inc., 600 Haven St., Evanston, IL 60201.

Available at the Graham Library. Refer to the online catalogues for actual holdings at the Graham Library. Type under Periodical Title, ‘Anglican Theological Review’. “The Review is a general theological journal in which the problems and implications of one area of study are related to those of others. It encourages articles written by specialists in a wide variety of fields that show to those outside those fields the difference their investigations make in shaping Christian life and ministry,” (Inside front cover). ‘Contributors and reviewers are not limited to Anglicans; they include representatives from various religious traditions,’ (Inside front cover).

Service books

The Alternative Service Book 1980. Cambridge: University Press, 1980. (BX 5145.A55 1980 TRIF).

Services authorized for use in the Church of England in conjunction with the Book of Common Prayer together with the Liturgical Psalter.

The Book of Alternative Services. Toronto: Anglican Book Centre, 1985. (BX 5616 A5 1985 TRIF)

‘In 1980, The Book of Alternative Services was designated by General Synod 1980 as a supplement or alternative book to the standard Book of Common Prayer, and approved for use throughout the Canadian Church,’ (Anglican Book Centre 1991/92 Catalogue, p. 20).

The Book of Common Praise. Toronto: Oxford University Press; Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1938. (M 2133 .C3C4 1938 TRIN).

This 1938 Anglican Hymn Book is commonly referred to as the “Blue Book.”

The Book of Common Prayer. 1662. Cambridge: University Press, n.d.( BX 5145 A4 1662 ).

One of the earlier versions of The Book of Common Prayer commonly used in the Church of England today.

The Book of Common Prayer. Toronto: Anglican Book Centre, 1962.

The Book of Common Prayer is the official Prayer Book of the Anglican Church of Canada.

The Book of Common Prayer. New York, NY: The Church Hymnal Corporation, 1979. (BX 5943 .Al 1979 TRIF)

The Book of Common Prayer is the official Prayer Book of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America.

Common Praise/Anglican Church of Canada (Toronto: Anglican Book Centre, 1998). (M 2133. C685 TRIN).

Common Praise is the most recent official hymn book of the Anglican Church of Canada with words in English (principally), aboriginal languages, French, Spanish and other languages.

The Hymn Book of the Anglican Church of Canada and the United Church of Canada.Toronto: Church of Canada, 1971.(M 2133 .C2H8 TRIN.)

Commonly referred to as the “Red Book.”

The Hymnal 1982. New York, NY: The Church Hymnal Corporation, 1982. (M 2125 ,H9 1982 TRIN).

The most recently revised hymn book for The Episcopal Church in the United States of America.

Magazines and Newspapers

The Anglican. Published monthly with the exception of July and August. 1958- . The Anglican. 135 Adelaide St., E., Toronto, ONT M5C 1L8.

Refer to the online catalogue for actual holdings. Type ‘The Anglican’ and choose ‘Periodical Title’. Only current issues of The Anglican are kept at the Graham Library. The Anglican is published as the official newspaper of the Diocese of Toronto. Special features: news concerning the diocese of Toronto, news from around the world affecting the Anglican Communion, a message from the Bishop of Toronto, letters to the editor, parish news, and upcoming events. The newspapers of the other dioceses of the Anglican Church of Canada are also available at the Graham Library.

Anglican Journal/Journal Anglican. Published monthly with the exception of July and August. 1885- . Anglican Journal/Journal Anglican. 80 Hayden Street, Toronto, ON.

Refer to the catalogue for actual holdings. Type under Periodical Title, ‘Anglican Journal/Journal Anglican’.)

The Anglican Journal formerly called Dominion Churchman and Canadian Churchman respectively, is the national newspaper of the Anglican Church of Canada. Special features: coverage of regional and local events in the Anglican Church of Canada, news from around the world influencing the Anglican Communion, a message from the Primate, editorials and comments, letters to the editor, theological reflections, and review of books.

The Anglican Planet. Published monthly with the exception of July and August. The Anglican Planet Office, 125-720 King St W, Suite 433, Toronto, ON, M5V 3S5.

The Anglican Planet or TAP seeks to serve the Anglican Church of Canada as a source of intellectual, biblical and spiritual renewal. The Anglican Planet is not an official journal of any single organization or ecclesiastical body within the Anglican Communion, and has an independent editorial policy.”

The Church of England Newspaper. Weekly. 1828- . The Church of EnglandNewspaper. 12-13 Clerkenwell Green, London, England EC1R ODP.

Refer to the online catalogue for actual holdings. Type ‘Church of England Newspaper’. Only current issues of The Church of England Newspaper are kept at the Graham Library. The Church of England Newspaper provides wide coverage of news in England and around the world which has bearing on the Church of England. Traditionally, the newspaper tends to be more evangelical in nature than the Church Times. It includes: editorials, articles, special features, clergy appointments, and book reviews.

Church Times. Weekly. 1863-.Church Times. 33 Upper Street, Islington, London N1 OPN.

Refer to the online catalogue for actual holdings. Type ‘Church Times’. Only current issues of Church Times are kept at the Graham Library. The Church Times provides broad coverage of Christian and Anglican news in England and around the world and focuses especially on news about the Church in England. Contents include: editorials, opinions, articles on ecclesiastical and social topics, clergy appointments, and books reviews.

Episcopal Life. [New digital edition] Monthly. 1990. Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society of the Episcopal Church, 815 Second Avenue, NY, NY 10017.

Refer to online catalogue for actual holdings. Type ‘Episcopal Life’. The officially sponsored, national newspaper of The Episcopal Church in the United States of America. Episcopal Life provides broad coverage of domestic and world news. It also includes diocesan briefs, articles dealing with current social and religious issues, editorials, letters to the editor, and book reviews.

Yearbooks and directories

The Anglican Year Book. Annual. Toronto: Anglican Book Centre, 1892- . (BX 5605 A5 TRIF).

The Anglican Year Book is an invaluable reference tool listing, with addresses, the dioceses, parishes, clergy, agencies, commissions, and related organizations of the Anglican Church of Canada. Current information and statistics regarding the Anglican Church of Canada are also included. In 1993, the title of The Anglican Year Book changed to The Anglican Church Directory and includes additional features, such as phone numbers.

The Church of England Year Book. Annual. London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1883- .(BX 5015 C45 TRIF).

A helpful reference tool which includes the members and work of the General Synod; the names and addresses of those holding office in each of the dioceses of the Church of England; and the activities of the communities, societies, and organizations associated with the Church of England.

Crockford’s Clerical Directory. Annual. London: Church House Publishing, 1858- .(BX 5031 C8 TRIF).

Crockford’s is a directory of the serving and retired clergy of the Church of England, the Church of Wales, and the Scottish Episcopal Church,” (Front flap). An abbreviated biography of each clergy member is included, as well as a current address. Crockford’s also includes a “church index giving a comprehensive list of churches and other places of public worship in the Church of England,” (Front-to-back flap).

The Episcopal Church Annual. Annual. Harrisburg, PA: Morehouse Publishing, 1882-.(BX 5830 E6 1992 TRIF).

A useful reference tool including the names and addresses of those holding office in each of the dioceses of The Episcopal Church; information regarding the agencies, institutions, and organizations associated with The Episcopal Church; and a listing of clergy and their addresses. Current information and statistics regarding The Episcopal Church are also included.

The Episcopal Clerical Directory. Revised every two years. New York, NY: The Church House Corporation. (BX 5830 C55 1987 TRIF.)

“Contains the names and biographical data for all clergy in good standing, both active and retired in The Episcopal Church in the United States of America” (Forward).

Parish history collection

Please consult the separate guide to our parish history collection. Please contact the Reference Librarian (416-978-2653) to determine if we have a parish history that you want, or if you wish to donate one.

Anglican Church House Resources

The holdings of the Church House Library, formerly located at 80 Hayden Street, have been transferred to the John W. Graham Library. The collection is a wonderful resource for information on the Anglican Church of Canada and the Anglican Communion.

The General Synod Archives (GSA), located at 80 Hayden Street, Toronto, Ontario M4Y 3G2, (416) 924-9192 (switchboard), holds records of the national office, as well as the private papers of former clergy. The GSA has an historical library which includes special collections in parish histories and Prayer Books.