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Church History: A Short Guide to Reference Tools

All the following sources are located in the Graham Library College. While this list has an Anglican emphasis, it contains sources concerned with general church history as well. (See guide Short Bibliography for the Study of Church History). Specific call numbers are given below for specific books or series; general call numbers are given for general topics. The following abbreviations refer to locations:

  • TRIN=circulating collection
  • TRIF=reference collection
  • TRIN/WYC=circulating collection
  • TRIF/WYC=reference collection
  • TRINSTOR=in storage: please ask for items with this in the call #
  • TRIN/WYC STOR=in storage: please ask for items with this in the call #

General Surveys

Recent Sources

Classic Sources

Early Church Period

Medieval Period

  • Cambridge Mediaeval History (1911) D117 .C10
  • Church History: Middle Ages BR 251+
  • Wycliffe literature BX4905

Reformation Period

  • Oxford Encyclopedia of the Reformation TRIF – also available online through the link provided.
  • Parker Society (series) BX5130 (Search under “Parker Society” as author)
  • Luther literature BR330
  • Calvin literature BX9420
  • Cranmer literature BX5199 .C83

Post-Sixteenth Century

Anglican Sources


Church of England

  • (General Works) BX5035
  • (Pre-Reformation) BX4900+, BX5056+
  • (Reformation) BX5067
  • (Post-Reformation) BX5073+
  • Grove booklets: Worship, Liturgy BX5003

Anglican Church of Canada

  • Diocesan histories BX5611+
  • Parish histories BX5617
  • Biographies BX5618

World-Wide Anglicanism

  • Lambeth councils BX5021
  • Ireland BX5410+
  • Asia BX5671+
  • Africa BX5691+
  • Australia BX5701+
  • United States BX5880+

Other Denominational Sources

Country-Specific Sources


See other Church History resources listed under the following guides:

Prepared by Gary Graber, January 1998; revised Ovt. 2018 by Tom Power.